In the quantum world, the future affects the past

It’s apparent to me, more than ever, how we perceive things “edge on.” Our raw perception is confined to three or so dimensions. But when you intellectually decouple events from time or space, you gain access to a different realm of understanding. And the best thing about it is that, while that may sound like…

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Ten Reasons to Write Short Stories Even Though the Pay is Peanuts

I grew up reading giant collections of sci-fi short stories, some of the individual tales scarcely longer than two pages. I loved those old pulp collections, where stories would twist, or end with a punchline. But a surprising number of those old tales were truly gripping. They were efficient, eschewing flourish, but could cut like a…

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Surrounded by sound: how 3D audio hacks your brain

I loved listening to dramatized binaural productions on tape when I was a kid. Now, the rise of accessible VR — heretofore focused mainly on the visuals — is creating a bit of a renaissance for this old audio technique.

How The New York Times Works

The paper zips up from the basement, zigzags through the press—which applies ink that sticks only to the areas marked by the laser—then jets back toward the middle of the room, where half a dozen pressmen in ink-stained jumpsuits grab pages off the press. and the plant will print more than 300,000 copies—double that on…

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NASA releases details of Titan submarine concept

Seeing these concepts, it’s difficult not to hyperventilate. But we’ll just have to be patient. This study is only the first cut at a design, and has identified a number of technical trades and areas deserving closer study.

The Space NDN’s Star Map

Unlike those futurists, who were in an antagonistic relation with their literary and cultural predecessors, indigenous futurism is centered on bringing traditions to distant, future locations rather than abandoning them as relics. Indigenous futurism does not care for speed so much as sustainability, not so much for progress as balance, and not power but relation….

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Introducing Spot (video)

Spot is a four-legged robot designed for indoor and outdoor operation. It is electrically powered and hydraulically actuated. Spot has a sensor head that helps it navigate and negotiate rough terrain. Spot weighs about 160 lbs.