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Shayef Nafsak (2007) - An attempt to evoke an eastern sound, with Arabic vocals by Rania Kurdi. We're shooting way over our heads this time, but the result pleased us somehow.

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Nuclear Birds (2007) - Only our second composition, this much-overdue entry delivers some of that good old-fashioned mad monstrous force!

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Office Dialogue (2002) - An infomercial that offers hope for anyone dealing with the many travails of life within the world of fluroescent-washed cubicles. The talking heads deliver a script that was painstakingly strung together from much shorter bits of dialog, as spoken by AT&T's Natural Voices personalities, often one syllable at a time.

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Eleccentricity (2001) - Our first all-digital composition, a kind of gongy blurbling electronic ditty.

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