Artist Draws Detailed Portraits With Only His Eyes

Liz Stinson, for Wired:

In the recent exhibition Drawing With My Eyes, artist Graham Fink drew portraits using only his eyes, some software and enviable amounts of concentration.

Fink worked with a programmer to develop software for an eye-tracker that would allow him to draw simply by looking at the screen. Much like the EyeWriter, a piece of open-source software that lets disabled graffiti artists draw with their eyes, Fink’s setup is based on two infrared lights that shine into each eye. The reflection of this movement is recorded with a camera and passed through algorithms that slow the natural oscillation of Fink’s eye, turning what otherwise would be a shaky line into something much smoother.

The result is pretty nifty, as if he were channeling faces through his subconscious. As a kid, I stared into the static of non-TV channels several time, just because of strange images that seemed to emerge, faces among them.