Improving the readability of tiny screens at a glance

Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan, for Gizmodo:

Dr. Nadine Chahine is a type designer at the foundry Monotype who focuses on the science of legibility. Dr. Bryan Reimer is a scientist at MIT’s AgeLab who researches distracted driving and the impact of in-car interfaces on drivers.

Together, they’re writing the book on how our eyes read when we’re distracted by the world around us. “There literally is the need to develop a new textbook here,” Reimer told me, after he and Chahine gave a talk in March entitled At a Glance: How Does Type Impact Your Daily Life?. “Companies have to come together and support science-infused design.”

Screens are getting larger and smaller all the time; higher in resolution, but packed with more information. The art and science of design within such restrictions is interesting to watch (ha). Especially because many aspects of the design language are still in early development, and we’ll surely be cringing at some of these nascent trends in just a few years time. (Remember skeuomorphism?)